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The interaction between a semi-infinite underground pipeline and the surrounding soil during longitudinal seismic wave propagation is examined in the article. The wave travels through the soil with its front perpendicular to the pipeline's axis, and the nonlinear laws of interaction (friction) on the surface of their contact, including the Amonton-Coulomb law, are used to solve related wave problems for the pipeline and soil. The method of characteristics and the finite difference method are sequentially used to solve these problems numerically. The implementation of the law of interaction (friction) processes is shown, depending on the parameters of the wave in soil and the mechanical characteristics of soil. It was determined that a wave in soil that involves the pipeline generates a powerful wave in the pipeline. The amplitude of this wave is many times greater than the amplitude of the wave in soil, and it propagates through the pipeline without attenuation. The dependences of the amplitude of this wave on the parameters of the law of friction, waves in soil, and the mechanical characteristics of soil are determined. 


Pipeline, Soil, Underground, Law of interaction, Friction, Wave, Numerical solution

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