Ruslan Balokhonov, Veronika Utyaganova, Diana Gatiyatullina, Aleksandr Zemlianov, Varvara Romanova

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Interfaces and surfaces play an important role in tribology, mechanics and materials science, causing plastic strain localization and stress concentration of different spatial scales. The interfacial inhomogeneity is highly pronounced in 3D printed materials due to thermo-cycling and layer-by-layer building. In this paper, the inlayer and interlayer structure of a eutectic Al-Si alloy fabricated by wire-feed electron-beam additive manufacturing is investigated by optical and electron microscopy. Model structures inheriting the experimental morphology are created, and their deformation and fracture are simulated using ABACUS/Explicit, with the user-defined subroutines being developed to describe the constitutive behavior of aluminum dendrite, silicon and eutectic materials. A two-scale computational approach is implemented to study the influence of the interlayer formed in the heat-affected zone on the dendritic structure strength.


Additive manufacturing, Aluminum alloys, Microstructure, Multiscale numerical simulation, Plastic deformation, Fracture

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