Yu-Ting Zuo, Fu-Fang Luo, Shi-Long Zeng

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Elevator accidents are common occurrences and can cause serious injuries and property damages. If an elevator falls from a tall building and hits the ground at high speed, passengers in the car have little chance of survival. We designed a fractal buffer with hierarchical structure, which is inspired by the gecko’s pad system, to minimize the damage. A fractal-fractional oscillator is established to show the frequency-amplitude relationship of the fractal buffer using He’s frequency formulation. The fractal-structured vibration-absorbing metamaterial in low frequency contributes to the elevator safety. This paper opens a new window for designing safe and reliable buffers, and provides entrepreneurs with new ideas for the next generation of elevators.


Metamaterials, Passenger elevator, Elevator crash, Energy absorption, Fractal theory, Hierarchical structure, Duffing oscillator, He’s frequency formulation

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