Danilo Karličić, Sanja Ožvat, Milan Cajić, Predrag Kozić, Ratko Pavlović

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In this study, we analyzed the bending vibration and stability of a multiple-nanobeam system (MNBS) coupled in elastic medium and influenced by temperature change and compressive axial load. The MNBS is modeled as the system consisting of a set of m identical and simply supported nanobeams mutually connected by Winkler’s type elastic layers. According to the Euler - Bernoulli beam and nonlocal thermo-elasticity theory, the system of m coupled partial differential equations is derived and solved by means of the method of separation of variables as well as the trigonometric one. Analytical solutions for natural frequencies and critical buckling loads of elastic MNBS are obtained. The effects of nonlocal parameter, temperature change and the number of nanobeams on the natural frequencies and the buckling loads are investigated through numerical examples. Thus, this work can represent a starting point to examine dynamical behavior and design of complex nanobeam structures, nanocomposites and nanodevices under the influence of various physical fields.


Nonlocal Elasticity, Vibration, Stability, Multiple-nanobeam System

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