Carlos Roberto Fernandes, Beatriz Luci Fernandes

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One alternative for processing cost reduction with simultaneous improvement of the mechanical properties of the Medical Ti6Al4V alloy is to get its semi-solid feedstock with a non-dendritic microstructure for further processing. The purpose of the present work is to evaluate the possibility of obtaining a semi-solid Ti6Al4V alloy by heating it up from the room temperature to the range temperature between the lines solidus and liquidus, using induction heating. The Ti6Al4V billets underwent heat treatment and quenching for semi-solid formation using a designed device and specific time pulsed profile. The billet temperature reached 1630 oC, and after the cooling rate of 54 oC/s, some samples formed a globular phase characteristic of the semi-solid alloy. This study shows that it is possible to get a semi-solid microstructure of this alloy starting from its solid state.

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