Selcuk Selimli, Ziyaddin Recebli, Semra Ulker

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The subject of this study is the seawater distillation process enhancement through integration of the solar vacuum tube into the system. Positive effects on the rate of distillated freshwater achieved by means of the enhanced system have been investigated experimentally. Experiments were done in the Turkish city of Samsun in the Black Sea region. A distillation pond setup having the volume of 0.015m3 and a water surface area of 0.24m2 was constructed. The distillation pond is covered with a condensation glass and also equipped with a 0.15m solar vacuum tube that is inclined at an angle of 30o to the ground, a feed water tank connected with a ball cock, and distillated fresh water tank. Experimental results have shown that the rate of distilled fresh water was enhanced for about 62.5% by integrating the solar vacuum tube and the natural distillation pond. Isolation of the condensation glass not only prevents the light transmission to the pond but also heat loss from the pond; hence the rate of the distillated fresh water is increased for about 137.5% due to the natural distillation.


Solar Distillation, Solar Vacuum Tube, Solar Pond, Seawater

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