Adrian Kraft, Roman Pohrt

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We investigate the tangential contact problem of a spherical indenter at constant normal force. When the indenter is subjected to tangential movement, frictional shear stresses arise at the interface and do not vanish when it is moved backwards. We study the evolution of shear stress when the indenter is moved back and forth at falling amplitude. The method of dimensionality reduction (MDR) is employed for obtaining the distribution of stick and slip zones as well as external forces and the final stress distribution. We find that the shear stress decreases. For the special case of linearly falling amplitude of the movement, we observe uniform peaks in the shear stress. The absolute value of the shear stress peaks is reduced best for a high number of back-and-forth-movements with slowly decreasing amplitude.


Coulomb Friction, Residual Stress, Contact Mechanics, Stick, Slip

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