Tobias Rademacher, Manfred Zehn

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This paper presents a novel method for detecting locations of damages in thin walled structural components made of fiber reinforced composites (FRC). Therefore, the change of harmonic distortion, which is found by current research to be very sensitive to delamination, under resonant excitation will be derived from FEM-simulation. Based on the linear modal description of the undamaged structure and the damage-induced nonlinearities represented by a nonlinear measure, two spatial damage indexes have been formulated.
The main advantage of this novel approach is that the information about the defect is represented mainly by changes in the modal harmonic distortion (MHD), which just needs to be measured in one (or few) structural points. The spatial resolution is given by the pairwise coupling of the MHD with the corresponding mode shapes.


Structural Health Monitoring, Composites, Damage Location, Nonlinear Acoustics, Harmonic Distortion, Nonlinear Vibration

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