Miloš Ristić, Miodrag Manić, Dragan Mišić, Miloš Kosanović, Milorad Mitković

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Most certainly, in the field of medicine there is a great contribution of new techniques and technologies, which is reflected in an entire system of health care services. Customized implants are both fully geometrically and topologically adjusted so as to meet the needs of individual patients, thus making each implant unique. Their production requires joint efforts of a multidisciplinary team of different profile experts who combine their knowledge in the Implant knowledge model. Thus, we develop an expert system which should help or replace humans in the process of Implant material selection. This paper gives an overview of the expert system concept for the given problem. Its task is to carry out a selection of biomaterial (or class of material) for a customized implant. The model significantly improves the efficiency of preoperative planning in orthopaedics.


Customized Implant, Biomaterial Selection, Expert System

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