Marija Stamenković Atanasov, Danilo Karličić, Predrag Kozić, Goran Janevski

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The paper investigates the problem of free vibration and buckling of an Euler-Bernoulli double-microbeam system (EBDMBS) under the compressive axial loading with a temperature change effect. The system is composed of two identical, parallel simply-supported microbeams which are continuously joined by the Pasternak’s elastic layer. Analytical expressions for the critical buckling load, critical buckling temperature, natural frequencies and frequencies of transverse vibration of the EBDMBS represented by the ratios are derived and validated by the results found in the literature. Also analytical expressions are obtained for various buckling states and vibration-phase of the EBDMBS. The temperature change effect is assumed to have an influence on both the microbeams. The length scale parameter, temperature change effect, critical buckling load, thickness/material parameter, Pasternak’s parameter and Poisson’s effect are discussed in detail. Also, as a clearer display of the thermo-mechanical response of EBDMBS, the paper introduces a critical scale load ratio of the modified and the local critical buckling loads in low-temperature environs. Numerical results show that the critical buckling temperatures for classical theories are always higher than the critical buckling temperature for MCST systems.


Thermal Effect, Double-Microbeam System, Critical Buckling Load, Pasternak’s Parameter, Poisson’s Effect

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