Ruslan Balokhonov, Varvara Romanova, Alexey Panin, Sergey Martynov, Marina Kazachenok

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Numerical simulation is performed to investigate the mesoscale stress-strain localization in a surface-modified commercial titanium alloy. The calculated crystalline microstructure corresponds to that observed in experiments and is accounted for in an explicit way as initial conditions of a dynamic boundary-value problem. The latter is stated in terms of plane strain developing in microstructure subjected to tension and is solved numerically by the finite-difference method. Elastic-plastic constitutive models were built to describe the experimental mechanical response both of the substrate and of the modified layer. Plastic strain localization is found to depend on the grain yield strength.


Microstructure-based Numerical Simulation, Plastic Strain Localization, Titanium Alloys, Surface-modified Materials

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