Ahmed Alkamachi, Ergun Ercelebi

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Traditional quadcopter suffers terribly from its underactuation which implies the coupling between the rotational and the translational motion. In this paper, we present a quadcopter with dynamic rotor tilting capability in which the four propellers are allowed to tilt together around their arm axis. The proposed model provides leveled forward/backward horizontal motion and therefore, ensures a correct view of the onboard camera, and increases the vehicle speed by reducing the air drag. The rotor tilt mechanism also provides an instant high speed in the forward or reverse direction and offers a quick and solid air brake to restrain that fast moving speed.  The nonlinear dynamical model for the quadcopter under consideration is derived using Newton-Euler formalization. A control strategy is then proposed aimed to control the altitude, attitude, and the forward speed of the obtained model. Finally, a numerical simulation is used to integrate the system model with the controller and to test the system performance. Simulation results are reported to demonstrate the advantages of the proposed novel configuration.


Genetic Algorithm, Newton-Euler Formalization, PID Controller, Racing Quadcopter, Tilt Rotor

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