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Heavy lift jack-up vessels (HLJV) are used for the installation of components of large offshore wind farms. A systematic FE-analysis is presented for the HLJV THOR (owned by Hochtief Infrastructure GmbH) under extreme weather conditions. A parametric finite element (FE) model and analysis are developed by using ANSYS-APDL programming environment. The analysis contains static and dynamic nonlinear FE-calculations, which are carried out according to the relevant standards (ISO 19905) for in-place analyses of jack-up vessels. Besides strategies of model abstraction, a guide for the determination of the relevant loads is given. In order to calculate the dynamic loads, single degree of freedom (SDOF) analogy and dynamic nonlinear FE-calculations are used. As a result of detailed determination of dynamic loads and consideration of soil properties by spring elements, the used capacities are able to be reduced by 28 %. This provides for significant improvement of the environmental restrictions of the HLJV THOR for the considered load scenario.

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