Gennadi I. Mikhasev, Ihnat R. Mlechka

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Buckling of a thin cylindrical sandwich shell composed of elastic isotropic layers with different elastic properties under normal external pressure is the subject of this investigation. Differential equations based on the assumptions of the generalized kinematic hypothesis for the whole sandwich are used as the governing ones. Two variants of the joint support conditions are considered at the shell edges: a) there are the infinite rigidity diaphragms inhibiting relative shears of layers along the shell edges, b) the diaphragms are absent. Using the asymptotic approach, the critical pressure and buckling modes are constructed in the form of the superposition of functions corresponding to the main stress-strain state and the edges integrals. As an example, a three-layered cylinder with the magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) embedded between elastic layers under different levels of magnetic field is studied. Physical properties of the magnetorheological (MR) layer are assumed to be functions of the magnetic field induction. Dependencies of the buckling pressure on the variant of boundary conditions and the intensity of applied magnetic field are analyzed.

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