Andrey I. Dmitriev, Anton Yu. Nikonov

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Molecular dynamics simulation of metallic bicrystals has been carried out to investigate the behavior of the symmetrical tilt grain boundaries under shear loading. Σ5 and Σ9 grain boundaries in Ni and α-Fe were analyzed. It is found that behavior of the defect depends not only on the structure of boundaries but also on the type of crystal lattice. In particular it is shown that under external stress the grain boundary (GB) behaves differently in the BCC and FCC metal. A comparison of the values of displacement of various types of GB due to their migration caused by shear deformation is carried out. The results can help us to understand the features of the plastic deformation development in nanoscale polycrystals under shear loading.


Molecular Dynamics, Symmetrical Tilt Grain Boundary, Shear Loading, Grain Boundary Migration, Non-Equilibrium Structure

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUME170512008D


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