Marcelo Rudek, Yohan B. Gumiel, Osiris Canciglieri Jr, Naomi Asofu, Gerson L. Bichinho

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The geometric modeling of a personalized part of the tissue built according to individual morphology is an essential requirement in anatomic prosthesis. A 3D model to fill the missing areas in the skull bone requires a set of information sometimes unavailable. The unknown information can be estimated through a set of rules referenced to a similar yet known set of parameters of the similar CT image. The proposed method is based on the Cubic Bezier Curves descriptors generated by the de Casteljou algorithm in order to generate a control polygon. This control polygon can be compared to a similar CT slice in an image database. The level of similarity is evaluated by a meta-heuristic fitness function. The research shows that it is possible to reduce the amount of points in the analysis from the original edge to an equivalent Bezier curve defined by a minimum set of descriptors. A study case shows the feasibility of method through the interoperability between the prosthesis descriptors and the CAD environment.


Prosthesis Modeling, CAD, Bezier Curves, 3D Image

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUME170618018R


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