Jasmina Bogdanović-Jovanović, Dragica Milenković, Živojin Stamenković, Živan Spasić

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One of the most important aims in the turbo pump design is to achieve an optimal design of the pump impeller. The basic assumption in the design procedure of the impeller is that of the axisymmetric fluid flow. It can be confirmed or disputed by using the method presented in the paper, which uses the results of numerical simulation of fluid flow in the pump impeller. The method is actually a procedure for determining averaged axisymmetric flow surfaces and meridian streamlines. Furthermore, according to the obtained streamlines, a correction of the impeller blade geometry can be made (if the streamlines deviate significantly from the assumed axisymmetric ones). It is also possible to calculate the specific works of the elementary stages and compare them with the previous assumptions. The pump impeller torque can be calculated as well.


Centrifugal Pump, Averaged Flow Surface, Meridian Streamlines, Numerical Simulations

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