Nenad Crnomarković, Srđan Belošević, Stevan Nemoda, Ivan Tomanović, Aleksandar Milićević

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Determination of the wall variables (wall emissivities, wall temperatures, and heat fluxes) when the zonal model of radiation is used in numerical simulations of processes inside a pulverized coal-fired furnaces is described. Two methods for determination of the wall variables, i.e., a repeated run of numerical simulation (RRNS) and a temporary correction of the total exchange areas (TCTEA) are compared. Investigation was carried out for three values of the flame total extinction coefficient and four values of the initial wall emissivities. Differences of the wall variables were determined using the arithmetic means (AMs) of the relative differences. The AMs of the relative differences of the wall variables increased with an increase in the flame total extinction coefficient and changed a little with an increase in the initial values of the wall emissivities. For the selected furnace, the smallest differences of the wall variables were obtained for Kt=0.3 m-1 and ew,in=0.7. Although both methods can be used for determination of the wall variables, the RRNS method was recommended because the manipulation with files was easier for it. mmended because the manipulation with files was easier for it.


Zonal model, Pulverized coal, Boiler furnace, Numerical simulation, Wall variables

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