Valentin L. Popov, Emanuel Willert, Markus Heß

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Until recently the analysis of contacts in tribological systems usually required the solution of complicated boundary value problems of three-dimensional elasticity and was thus mathematically and numerically costly. With the development of the so-called Method of Dimensionality Reduction (MDR) large groups of contact problems have been, by sets of specific rules, exactly led back to the elementary systems whose study requires only simple algebraic operations and elementary calculus. The mapping rules for axisymmetric contact problems of elastic bodies have been presented and illustrated in the previously published parts of The User's Manual, I and II, in Facta Universitatis series Mechanical Engineering [5, 9]. The present paper is dedicated to axisymmetric contacts of viscoelastic materials. All the mapping rules of the method are given and illustrated by examples.


Contact, Friction, Viscoelasticity, Rheology, Method of Dimensionality Reduction

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