Dragoslav Janošević, Jovan Pavlović, Vesna Jovanović, Goran Petrović

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The paper presents the results of a numerical and experimental analysis of the dynamic stability of hydraulic excavators. The analysis has employed the software developed on the basis of a defined general dynamic mathematical model of an excavator grounded in Newton-Euler equations as well as the measured quantities of the excavator operating state in exploitation conditions. The defined model is used to model the members of the excavator kinematic chain using rigid bodies while the actuators (hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors) of the excavator drive mechanisms are modeled with elastically dampened elements. The elastically dampened characteristics of the actuators are defined with regard to the size of the actuator as well as to the compressibility and temperature of the hydraulic oil used in the excavator hydrostatic drive system. To illustrate the analysis, the paper provides the results of the analysis of the dynamic stability of a 16000 kg tracked excavator equipped with a manipulator digging bucket of 0.6 m3 in capacity.


Hydraulic Excavators, Dynamic Stability, Oil Temperature, Modeling

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUME180404015J


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