Vlastimir Nikolić, Miloš Milovančević, Dalibor Petković, Dejan Jocić, Milan Savić

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Laser welding process is used in many industrial sectors. One of the most important aspects of the laser welding quality refers to the geometrical and mechanical properties of welding joints. In order to develop optimal conditions for the laser welding process it is desirable to know in advance which machining parameters to select. Though there are manuals which recommend specific parameters combinations for the desired laser welding quality it is difficult to cover all possible combinations because of the process nonlinearity. Therefore, in this study the main aim is to establish an algorithm for optimal parameters forecasting of the laser welding process. The algorithm is based on an artificial intelligence approach. The main goal is to forecast the geometrical parameters of the welding joints like front width, front heights, back width and back heights of the welding joints. Experimental process was performed in order to acquire training and testing data of the laser welding process. The obtained results could be of practical importance for engineers in industry.


Laser Welding, Forecasting, Artificial Intelligence, Welding Joint

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