Nenad Grujović, Fatima Živić, Matthias Schnabelrauch, Torsten Walter, Ralf Wyrwa, Nikola Palić, Lazar Ocokoljić

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This paper deals with two electrospinning technologies: the melt electrospinning with a customized jet head, adapted from the fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer, in comparison with the standard solution electrospinning, aiming at fabrication of tissue engineering scaffolds. The resulting fibers are compared. The influence of the collector properties on those of the fabricated scaffold is investigated. The resulting electrospun fibers exhibit different characteristics such as morphology and thickness, depending on the technology. The micro-fibers are produced by the melt electrospinning with an inbuilt 3D printer jet head, whereas the solution electrospinning has produced nano- and micro-fibers. The scaffolds fabricated on the rotating drum collector exhibit a more ordered structure as well as thinner fibers than those produced on the stationary plate collector. Further investigations should aim at fabrication of porous hollow fibers and tissue engineering scaffolds with controlled porosity and properties.


Melt Electrospinning, Solution Electrospinning, 3D Printing, Micro-fibers, Nano-fibers

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