Qiang Li, Fabian Forsbach, Justus Benad

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Two numerical methods are proposed to improve accuracy of the numerical calculation of fretting wear in the framework of the Method of Dimensionality Reduction (MDR). Due to the singularity of the transformation equations, instabilities appear at the border between the stick and slip regions after many transformations from the one-dimensional to the three-dimensional contact and back. In these two methods, the transformation equations are reformulated to weaken the singularity of the integrals and a stable simulation of fretting wear is realized even with the wear models which go beyond the classical Archard law. With an example of dual-oscillation, we show the change in the worn profile of a parabolic indenter as well as the stress distribution on the contacting surface during the oscillating cycles under the Archard’s law of wear and Coulomb’s law of friction.


Fretting Wear, Method of the Dimensionality Reduction, Singularity, Numerical Simulation

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