Michele Tricarico, Antonio Papangelo, Andrei Constantinescu, Michele Ciavarella

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Adhesion is a key factor in many tribological processes, especially wear.  We generalize a recent formulation for the indentation of a multilayered material using an efficient integral transform method, to the case of adhesion, using a simple energetic transformation in the JKR regime. Then, we specialize the study for the geometry of the Surface Force Apparatus, which consists of two thin layers on a substrate, where the intermediate layer is softer than the other two. We find the pull-off force under "force control" (i.e. for "soft" loading systems), as well as under "displacement control" (i.e. for "rigid" systems), as a function of the geometrical thicknesses and material properties ratios, and the method is fully implemented in a fast Mathematica code, available to the public (see Appendix).


JKR Theory, Surface Force Apparatus, Adhesion

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUME190118011T


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