Vesna Jovanović, Dragoslav Janošević, Jovan Pavlović

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The paper defines the general mathematical model of hydraulic excavators for determining the boundary and possible digging resistances and equivalent loads of the axial bearing of the slewing platform drive mechanism throughout the excavator’s working area. Using a developed mathematical model and program, in the case of a 100000 kg hydraulic excavator with a shovel manipulator bucket volume of 6,5 m3, a detailed analysis was performed to examine the influence of the position and digging resistance on the loading of the axial bearing of the excavator slewing platform drive mechanism. The results of the performed analysis show that the equivalent loads, relevant for the selection of axial bearing of the excavator slewing platform, occur in the zone of the working area when the kinematic chain of the excavator has positions in which the manipulator mechanisms have coordinated interaction when they can overcome the greatest resistance forces in the stable operation of the excavator.


Hydraulic Excavator, Slewing Platform, Loading of Axial Bearing

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