Nikola Danković, Dragan Antić, Saša Nikolić, Marko Milojković, Staniša Perić

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A new class of cascade digital orthogonal filters of the Malmquist type based on bilinear transformation for mapping poles to zeroes and vice versa is presented in this paper. In a way, it is a generalization of the majority of the classical orthogonal filters and some newly designed filters as well. These filters are orthogonal with respect to the generalized inner product which is actually a generalization of the classical inner product. Outputs of these filters are obtained by using polynomials orthogonal with respect to the new inner product. The main quality of these filters is that they are parametric adaptive. The filter with six sections is practically realized in the Laboratory for Modeling, Simulation and Control Systems. Performances of the designed filter are proved on modeling and identification of the system for differential pulse code modulation. Real response and response from the proposed filter are compared with regard to the chosen criteria function. Also, a comparative analysis of the proposed filter with some existing filters is performed.


Digital Orthogonal Filters, Malmquist Functions, Müntz Polynomials, Bilinear Transformation, Inner Product, Differential Pulse Code Modulation

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Danković, N., 2018, Development of a new class of orthogonal filters with applications in modelling, analysis and synthesis of differential pulse code modulation system, PhD Thesis, University of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Republic of Serbia.



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