Gurpreet Singh, Yubraj Lamichhane, Amandeep Singh Bhui, Sarabjeet Singh Sidhu, Preetkanwal Singh Bains, Prabin Mukhiya

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The development of biomaterials for implants nowadays requires materials with superior mechanical and physical properties for enhanced osseointegration and sustained longevity. This research work was conducted to investigate the influence of nano hydroxyapatite (HAp) powder mixed electrical discharge machining (PMEDM) on surface morphology and microhardness of modified 316L stainless steel surface. The chosen process parameters were discharge current, pulse on/off duration and gap voltage in order to analyze the selected output responses. HAp concentration (15 g/l) along with reverse polarity was kept constant for current experimentation. The experimental results testified that surface morphology of PMEDM surface was significantly improved along with augmentation of 79% in microhardness (HV) of HAp modified surface of medical grade stainless steel. Furthermore, XRD and SEM characterization confirmed the deposition of calcium, phosphorous and inter-metallic compounds on HA-PMEDMed surface. The surface thus produced is expected to facilitate better bone-implant adhesion and bioactivity.


PMEDM, 316L SS, Copper Tool, HAp Powder, Microhardness, Bioactivity

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