Milan Banić, Aleksandar Miltenović, Milan Pavlović, Ivan Ćirić

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Traditionally, railway inspection and monitoring are considered a crucial aspect of the system and are done by human inspectors. Rapid progress of the machine vision-based systems enables automated and autonomous rail track detection and railway infrastructure monitoring and inspection with flexibility and ease of use. In recent years, several prototypes of vision based inspection system have been proposed, where most have various vision sensors mounted on locomotives or wagons. This paper explores the usage of the UAVs (drones) in railways and computer vision based monitoring of railway infrastructure. Employing drones for such monitoring systems enables more robust and reliable visual inspection while providing a cost effective and accurate means for monitoring of the tracks. By means of a camera placed on a drone the images of the rail tracks and the railway infrastructure are taken. On these images, the edge and feature extraction methods are applied to determine the rails. The preliminary obtained results are promising.


Computer Vision, UAV, Drone Imagery, Edge Detection, Railway Infrastructure, Intelligent Systems

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