Jacek Tomków, Konrad Sobota, Sławomir Krajewski

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In this paper the influence of tack welds distribution and welding sequence on angular distortion of the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welded joint was tested. Additionally, the effect of welding current on angular distortion was assessed. For research X2CrTiNb18 (AISI 441) stainless steel (2.5 mm thick) was chosen. During research specimens were prepared with different distributions of tack welds. Then they were welded by different welding sequences with the use of different welding current values. After welding the angular distortion of each specimen was measured by using the coordinate measuring machine. In the next step specimens were cut. Cross-sections were polished and the metallographic macroscopic testing was conducted to check the geometry of performed welds. Performed experiments allowed determining the optimal tack weld sequence and welding parameters for welding thin stainless steel sheets.


Angular Distortion, Tack Welds, TIG Welding, Macroscopic Testing, Weld Geometry, Welding Current

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