Darko Božanić, Aca Ranđelović, Marko Radovanović, Duško Tešić

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The paper demonstrates a model whose goal is to define the construction elements of weapons necessary to meet minimum requirements of users. The complexity of the problem, conditioned by different construction elements of weapons and specific situations of their use, is the reason for using methods of multi-criteria decision-making. In the paper we used the hybrid LBWA – IR-MAIRCA model. With this model, one can conduct an analysis of characteristics of the existing weapons, based on which we define the construction elements for modifying the existing and manufacturing new weapons. Regarding a large number of different types of weapons, the paper is limited to the analysis of close-quarters combat weapons. The LBWA method was used to calculate weight coefficients of the criteria. The MAIRCA method, which was modified by interval rough numbers, was used to select the best close-quarters combat weapon that has the best characteristics in accordance with the requests of the users. Based on the analysis, the users have the option to clearly and precisely define requests for improvement of the existing, and manufacturing new weapons.


Multi-criteria Decision-making, LBWA, MAIRCA, Interval Rough Numbers, Constructive Elements

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUME200528033B


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