Dragan Pamucar, Fatih Ecer

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Values, opinions, perceptions, and experiences are the forces that drive almost each and every kind of decision-making. Evaluation criteria are considered as sources of information used to compare alternatives and, as a result, make selection easier. Seeing their direct effect on the solution, weighting methods that most accurately determine criteria weights are needed. Unfortunately, the crisp values are insufficient to model real life problems due to the lack of complete information and the vagueness arising from linguistic assessments of decision-makers. Therefore, this paper proposes a novel subjective weighting method called the Fuzzy Full Consistency Method (FUCOM-F) for determining weights as accurately as possible under fuzziness. The most prominent feature of the proposed method is obtaining the most accurate weight values with very few pairwise comparisons. Consequently, thanks to this model, consistency and reliability of the results increase while the processing time and effort decrease. Moreover, an illustrative example related to the green supplier evaluation problem is performed. Finally, the robustness and effectiveness of the proposed fuzzy model is demonstrated by comparing it with fuzzy best-worst method (F-BWM) and fuzzy AHP (F-AHP) models.


Fuzzy Full Consistency Method (FUCOM-F), Weighting of Criteria, MCDM, Subjective Weighting, Fuzzy BWM, Fuzzy AHP

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