Tomasz Mazur, Miroslaw Rucki, Yuriy Gutsalenko

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In the paper, analysis of the curved profile measurement accuracy is described. Since there was no CAD model or other reference profile for the measured detail, the first step was to generate the reference contour of the cam using the technical drawing and tolerance requirements. The test campaign consisted of three experiments aimed at determining the effect of scanning velocity on the results of form deviation δ measurement, evaluation of deviation δ measurement uncertainty and the measurement repeatability. The scanning time was checked, too. The obtained results demonstrated feasibility of the chosen CMM and measurement strategy. It was found also that the measurement uncertainty did not depend on the scanning sampling step from 0.05 to 0.2 mm, and the true measurement time was for 30-40% longer than that expected from the nominal scanning velocity.


Curved Profile, Tolerance, Measurement, CMM, Uncertainty

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