Yu-Ting Zuo, Hong-Jun Liu

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Graphene and carbon nanotubes have a Steiner minimum tree structure, which endows them with extremely good mechanical and electronic properties. A modified Hall-Petch effect is proposed to reveal the enhanced mechanical strength of the SiC/graphene composites, and a fractal approach to its mechanical analysis is given.  Fractal laws for the electrical conductivity of graphene, carbon nanotubes and graphene/SiC composites are suggested using the two-scale fractal theory. The Steiner structure is considered as a cascade of a fractal pattern. The theoretical results show that the two-scale fractal dimensions and the graphene concentration play an important role in enhancing the mechanical and electrical properties of graphene/SiC composites. This paper sheds a bright light on a new era of the graphene-based materials.


Steiner Minimum Tree Structure, 3D Printing, Graphene-based Composites, Two-scale Fractal Dimension

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