Ji-Huan He, Wei-Fan Hou, Na Qie, Khaled A. Gepreel, Ali Heidari Shirazi, Hamid Mohammad- Sedighi

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Complex mechanical systems usually include nonlinear interactions between their components which can be modeled by nonlinear equations describing the sophisticated motion of the system. In order to interpret the nonlinear dynamics of these systems, it is necessary to compute more precisely their nonlinear frequencies. The nonlinear vibration process of a conservative oscillator always follows the law of energy conservation. A variational formulation is constructed and its Hamiltonian invariant is obtained. This paper suggests a Hamiltonian-based formulation to quickly determine the frequency property of the nonlinear oscillator. An example is given to explicate the solution process.


He’s frequency formulation, Ancient Chinese mathematics, Semi-inverse method, Periodic solution

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