Vladimir Pakhaliuk, Aleksandr Poliakov, Ivan Fedotov

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For the first time, a design of a modular ceramic ball head of a total hip joint replacement (THR) friction pair has been developed, which has the properties of a metal in conjunction with the stem neck and the properties of a ceramics on bearing surface of the pair. This is achieved by creating a low-cost, low-toxic, durable fixed connection of the head made of alumina or zirconia ceramics and the titanium-based alloy sleeve to obtain a brazed joint that is efficient in human synovial fluid. With the help of finite element analysis, a quantitative assessment of the strength and rigidity of the proposed head design was performed and its use in modern hip arthroplasty was indicated. The approbation of the proposed design solutions for creating a THR ceramic head with a titanium-based alloy sleeve brazed was carried out.


Total hip replacement, Ceramic friction couple, Modular ceramic ball head, Brazing

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