Peng Wang, Nan Wu, Haitao Luo, Zhili Sun

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Forced vibration of non-uniform beam with nonlinear boundary condition is studied in this paper by proposing an iterative model combining Adomian Decomposition Method and modal analysis. An exponentially tapered beam with a hardening nonlinearity spring boundary is simulated as a case study. The model accuracy is proved by comparing iteration results and analysis solutions with linear and weakly nonlinear boundary conditions. Sin-weep nonlinear frequency spectrum is then obtained by the proposed model. The influence of boundary nonlinearity on the vibration response of non-uniform beam is analyzed. And the effect of different excitation amplitudes on nonlinearity in the vibration response is studied. The mathematical model and numerical solutions proposed in this paper can be used to solve and analysis broad vibration problems on general non-uniform beams with different nonlinear boundary conditionsunder various excitations.


Nonlinear boundary, Non-uniform beam, Iterative method, Adomian Decomposition Method, Duhamel integral, Vibration characteristics

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