Eldina Mahmutagić, Željko Stević, Zdravko Nunić, Prasenjit Chatterjee, Ilija Tanackov

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In the logistics world, special attention should be given to warehousing systems, cost rationalization, and improvement of all the factors that affect efficiency and contribute to smooth functioning of logistics subsystems. In real time industrial practice, the issue of evaluating and selecting the most appropriate forklift involves a complex decision-making problem that should be formulated through an efficient analytical model. The forklifts efficiency plays a very important role in the company. The forklifts are being used on a daily basis and no logistical processes could be done without them. Therefore, it has been decided to determine their efficiency, which will contribute to the optimization of the process in this logistics subsystem. This study puts forward an integrated forklift selection model using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), Full Consistency Method (FUCOM) and Measurement Alternatives and Ranking According to the Compromise Solution (MARCOS) methods. Five input parameters (regular servicing costs, fuel costs, exceptional servicing costs, total number of all minor accidents and damage caused by forklifts) and one output parameter (number of operating hours) were first identified to assess efficiency of eight forklifts in a warehousing system of the Natron-Hayat company using the DEA model. This step allows sorting of efficient forklifts which are subsequently evaluated and ranked using FUCOM and MARCOS methods. A sensitivity analysis is also performed in order to check reliability and accuracy of the results. The findings of this research clearly show that the proposed decision-making model can significantly contribute to all spheres of business applications.


DEA, FUCOM, MARCOS, Warehouse, Forklifts

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