Arash Tavakoli Maleki, Milad Azimi, Samad Moradi

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In this paper, the 2D lateral vibration analysis of a rotating cracked beam as a rotary structure is investigated through the Homotopy perturbation analysis and compared with the numerical Newmark-beta (Nβ) algorithm. The structure and crack are modeled as the Euler-Bernoulli (EB) theory and simple torsional spring, respectively. The nonlinear equations of motion are derived using Galerkin and the Assumed Mode Method (AMM). The system’s stability is analyzed through phase plane and time response for different angular velocities of the base, initial values, external disturbances, crack stiffness, and locations. A comparative study presents simulation results for free (first nonlinear frequency) and forced vibration. It is shown that the proposed semi-analytical approach is beneficial as it provides a benchmark for a more precise analysis and further investigation of cracked rotary structures.


Assumed Mode, Crack, Homotopy Perturbation, Newmark-beta, Nonlinear Vibration, Rotating Beam

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