Jafar Hasnain, Hina Ghias Satti, Mariam Sheikh, Zaheer Abbas

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The effects of slips and porosity on the channel walls in the flow of a heat-absorbing/generating dusty ferrofluid streaming through a porous medium are investigated in this article. The channel is upright and subjected to a transverse magnetic flux along with thermal radiation. Kerosene with magnetite is used as the base fluid. The basic equations of the channel flow, which seem dimensional, are redesigned in a dimensionless manner utilizing non-dimensional variables. The variable separable method approach is used to solve the obtained equations analytically. The graphs demonstrate the behavior of these parameters on the flow fields, skin friction, and heat transmission rate, and are explained briefly. Results reveal that the flow velocity for heat-generating fluids is greater than the heat-absorbing liquids. The fluid velocity upsurges with the improved values of the velocity slip parameter. The heat-generating dusty liquid has a higher heat transmission rate as compared to heat-absorbing dusty liquid.


Ferro-fluid, Dust particles, Oscillatory flow, Suction/injection, Heat absorption/generation

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