Gennadi I. Mikhasev, Sergei M. Bosiakov, Lyudmila G. Petrova, Marina M. Maisyuk

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The finite-element calculation of the static stress-strain state of the middle ear was made in this paper. The malleus, incus and stapes models were constructed on the basis of tomographic data. The tympanic membrane model was obtained using the equations of elliptic hyperboloids. The tympanic membrane consists of the pars tensa and pars flaccida, which have different thicknesses and elasticity moduli. Absolute deformations of the tympanic membrane were defined at different values of negative pressure in the tympanic cavity. The critical values of elastic modulus for the pars tensa posterosuperior quadrant were found for the point at which the tympanic membrane touches the auditory ossicles. Obtained results can be used to predict the thickness of a cartilaginous graft which is overlaid on the posterosuperior quadrant of the pars tensa in order to eliminate the retraction pocket.

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