Maja Zečević, Zoran Marjanović, Goran Janković, Danijela Djerić, Zorica Jovanović, Vesna Marjanović, Jelena Lilić, Danijel Mančić, Dragana Lazarević

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The pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus had a significant impact on providing health services the world over and is reflected in pediatric surgery also. The aim of this study was to determine the differences in the prevalence of forms of appendicitis among children during and prior to the pandemic, and to compare the demographic characteristics. A retrospective study which covered a period from September 1, 2018 until September 1, 2021 and all the patients who underwent surgery for acute appendicitis was carried out. Demographic and clinical data were collected and analysed. The study included a total of 267 patients. Prior to the pandemic a total of 160 children underwent surgical treatment, 61.9% boys and 38.1% girls, while during the pandemic a total of 107 underwent surgical treatment, mostly boys 68,2%, and to a lesser extent, girls 31.8%. The average age of the patients was 11.0±3.9 years. Even though there is a difference in the number of children who underwent surgical treatment for perforated appendicitis prior to and during the Covid-19 pandemic, 54:44 or 33.8:41.1%, the difference is not statistically significant. During the pandemic, two patients who tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus received surgical treatment for a perforated appendicitis. The Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on the healthcare system worldwide. In most centers for pediatric surgery, there was an increased incidence of perforated appendicitis without significant deviations in the demographic characteristics, which correlates with the results of this study


appendicitis, children, Covid-19 pandemic

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