Bojana Stamenković, Sonja Stojanović, Valentina Živković, Dragan Đorđević, Mila Bojanović, Hristina Kocić, Vanja Đurić, Aleksandra Stanković

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Musculoskeletal manifestations (MSM) frequently occur in systemic sclerosis (SSc) and imply a variety of rheumatic symptoms and clinical features, from arthralgia to arthritis, contractures, tendon friction rubs, tenosynovitis, myalgia, muscle tenderness,  and myositis. The objective of the study was to determine the prevalence of joint manifestations in clinical findings, as well as frequency and type of radiographic changes in 56 patients with the limited and diffuse form of SSc; to define the correlation between musculoskeletal hand changes in SSc and specific antibodies (antinuclear antibodies- ANA), as well as with antibodies specific for particular forms of SSc (anti-topoisomerase-1 antibodies- ATA, anticentromere antibodies- ACA); and to test the correlation between specific cardiopulmonary manifestations in SSc, and frequency and type of musculoskeletal changes. The obtained results indicated a high frequency of joint manifestations in SSc, which were estimated by clinical and radiographic examinations. Joint involvement in SSc was underestimated in clinical trials, as it occurred more frequently than expected. Radiographic hand findings in tested SSc patients indicated the presence of arthritis, erosions, joint space narrowing, radiological demineralization, acro-osteolysis, flexion contractures, and calcinosis. Hand involvement was an important cause of morbidity, which seriously affected the quality of life in patients with SSc. Various forms of joint and bone involvements could represent the base for introducing an innovative approach to treating musculoskeletal hand damage in SSc.


joint involvement, radiographic changes in hand, systemic sclerosis

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