Julija Radojičić, Tatjana Čutović, Aleksandra Radojičić, Andrija Radojičić

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Surgical treatment protocols for rare types of clefts do not exist, especially when they are associated with severe anomalies of the brain and face. Surgical treatment of a newborn with holoprosencephaly, premaxillary agenesis and median cleft lip is a big challenge for the surgeon. The complete lack of bone in the nasal bones and premaxilla make surgical therapy almost impossible. The role of pre-surgical orthodontic therapy plays a major role in creating the conditions for surgical repair of cleft-damaged parts of the face.Case presentation. The paper presents presurgical orthodontic therapy in a newborn with a median cleft lip using the RBJ stimulator. Conclusion. The use of stimulators of a specific construction in the therapy of rare clefts is the method of choice.


presurgical orthodontic therapy, newborn, holoprosencephaly, median cleft lip, complete lack of premaxilla

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