Milena Trandafilović, Borisav Stojanović, Dimitrije Đorđević, Ljiljana Vasović

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Associated arterial abnormalities and variations on the brain base were discovered in a cadaveric specimen of the male gender of older life age. This case was found by a retrospective analysis of 388 forensic cases in a common data archive of the authors of this report. Arterial abnormalities were related to the aplasia of (intracranial part) of the right vertebral artery and (large) fenestration of the pre-communicating part of the right posterior cerebral artery. Arterial variations included different morphological statuses such as a special origin, double vessels, and small or oversized caliber. The brain angioarchitecture in the present case was not the base for the aneurysm's development, probably because of the lesser influence of hemodynamic factors on the walls of persistent primitive and definitive arteries, as well as due to good collateral circulation till to the end of the sixth decade of life. 


Human cadaver, brain base, arteries, postnatal status, associated variations and abnormalities

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUMB231210011T


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