Ivona Đorđević, Anđelka Slavković, Zoran Marjanović, Dragoljub Živanović, Milan Petrović

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We present an extremely rare case of gastroschisis associated with colonic atresia, anomaly seen in only 1.5-5% of all gastroschisis patients. Surgery for this anomaly can be very difficult due to the concomitant inflammation or other anomalies (mesenterium communae, volvulus, etc). Although prolonged intestinal dismotility is expected in these patients, mechanical obstruction must not be excluded in postoperative course, as it is explained in this case. Our case report demonstrates that primary colonic anastomosis is safe and well tolerated surgical procedure for these patients and that obstructive ileus is possible days after primary surgery and must not be overlooked.


gastroschisis, colonic atresia, treatment

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