Milena M. Cojić, Ljiljana Cvejanov-Kezunović, Jelena Stanković, Nebojša Kavarić, Maja Koraćević, Ljiljana Damjanović

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Some observational studies have shown that only a small number of diabetic patients achieve optimum control of glycaemia and cardiovascular risk factors. The aim of this study was to analyze whether patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus treated in primary care achieve adequate control of glycemic levels and cardiovascular risk factors. This was a retrospective, record-based, cross-sectional study that included eligible patients from 35 to 90 years old with type 2 diabetes mellitus treated in Primary Health Care Center in Podgorica. We investigated electronic records of 531 diabetic patients. The observed prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus among individuals between ages 35 and 90 years, was 11,84 %. Half of the patients were female. The mean age was 65,88±9,86 years. The mean value of HbA1c was 7,56±1,71. Fifty-nine percents of patients achieved optimal levels of HbA1c ≤ 7 %. Also, more than half of patients achieved target levels of blood pressure while 27.9% achieved LDL ≤ 2.6 mmol/L. Fifty percent of patients were non-smokers and 45.1 % were obese. Among patients on primary prevention only 5.7 % had met all target levels while on secondary prevention that number was even smaller 3.7 %. Our study showed that control of HbA1c and blood pressure was similar to other studies but reaching target levels of LDL was challenging for our patients. Further analysis are needed in order to discover the reasons for poor control of certain CVRF and to develop strategies for its optimal management.


diabetes mellitus type 2, management, risk factors, targets

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