Vanja Pecić, Milica Nestorović, Milica Nestorović, Ivan Pešić, Ivan Pešić, Dragan Mihajlović, Dragan Mihajlović, Ljiljana Jeremić, Ljiljana Jeremić, Marko Gmijović, Marko Gmijović, Dejan Petrović, Dejan Petrović, Branko Branković, Branko Branković

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A perineal hernia can severely affect everyday activities. We represent a case of a sixty-five-year-old with perineal hernia after abdominoperineal resection for rectal cancer. Bulging in the perineum appeared 24 months following operation with uneventful postoperative course. She felt pain and difficulty while sitting. At physical examination the defect in perineum was approximately 3x3 cm. After cancer recurrence had been excluded, hernioplasty was planned. A 10x15 cm composite mesh was used for pelvic floor reconstruction. The mesh was sutured through urogenital diaphragm. Postoperative course was uneventful. Three years after surgery, there was no recurrence of cancer or hernia. Repair of perineal hernia is challenging, with limitation regarding guidelines in literature.


perineal hernia, abdominoperineal resection, prosthetic material

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