Tatjana Perović, Milena Blažej, Ivan Jovanović

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The aim of this study has been to establish the values of soft tissue profile angles in subjects with dentoskeletal Class I, Class II Division 1, Class II Division 2, and Class III pattern, in order to examine the influence of sagittal dentoskeletal relation on the value of angular profile parameters. This comparative cephalometric study included the examination and the analysis by lateral cephalograms to evaluate soft tissue profile angles for 120 adult Caucasian subjects (60 women and 60 men) from the mid Balkan region divided into four groups towards ANB angle and incisors inclination. The following angles were examined: angle of facial convexity, facial convexity angle for the lower face and the angle of total facial convexity. By investigating the influence of the sagittal dentoskeletal pattern on the value of facial convexity angles, significant differences have been established between subjects with Class I and Class II Division 1 and 2 for all examined angles (p<0.001; p=0.011), while the differences between Class I and Class III are only significant for the facial convexity angle and facial convexity angle for the lower face, while the differences in the overall facial convexity angle are not significant (p=0.067). There are significant differences between subjects for all examined angles except the total facial convexity angle between Class I and Class III.


cephalometry, face, malocclusions

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