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Proper usage of antibiotics is an often-overlooked subject, leading to a high level of ignorance among youth towards this important topic. The aim of this study was to examine the knowledge, beliefs, and habits of students at Nis University regarding the usage of antibiotics and discover whether an anticipated difference existed between knowledge and habits of biomedical students and that of non-biomedical students. The data were acquired through an online questionnaire that addressed knowledge, beliefs, and habits regarding antibiotics. The study adhered to the principles of the Helsinki declaration. Data were separated into two groups and tested for statistical significance using the Chi-squared test. The questionnaire showed that the majority of students (76.86%) were able to correctly identify bacteria as the main target of antibiotics. More students from non-biomedical faculties thought viral infections could be treated with antibiotics (37.35% vs. 7.06% of medical, p<0.05), and identified incorrectly Paracetamol as an antibiotic (42.17% vs. 8.15% of medical, p<0.05). However, a similar percentage in both groups (49.14%) claimed they interrupted their regimen before the prescribed time, and as much as 67.39% of biomedical students acquired antibiotics with no prescription. Biomedical students demonstrated much better knowledge and beliefs on antibiotics, however, students from both groups were found to have similar habits regarding the usage. The results are similar to available studies from the developing world. A large percentage of students tampers with antibiotics on their own. Campaigns are necessary to inform students better on the subject.


antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, appropriate use of antibiotics, knowledge, public health, university students

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