Goran Koraćević, Miloš Zdravković, Maja Koraćević, Dimitrije A. Pavlović, Miodrag Damjanović, Milorad Pavlović, Sonja Dakić, Predrag Cvetković, Katarina Mladenović, Milan Stojković

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Numerous studies and reviews agree about the increased cardiovascular risk in Cushing’s syn-drome. Therefore, the aim of the paper is to suggest a few common diagnostic and therapeutic cardiologic preferences for the majority of Cushing’s syndrome/Cushing’s disease (CS/CD) pa-tients which are not yet routine but have the rationale to become standard procedures. This may serve as an initial working document, to be improved by the experts in the field. A narrative review is used to present synthesis and deduction of several approaches in cardiology regarding the actu-al topic. Results are systematized as the risk factors or co-morbidities list (prevalent in CS/CD) coupled with current and adapted cardiologic suggestions for practice.


Cushing's syndrome, Cushing's disease, ACE inhibitor, spironolactone, statin, holter monitoring

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUMB210130007K


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